We're bringing @PuzzledPint@twitter.com to DFW! Next Tuesday!

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DFW, it's on! Head to PuzzledPint.com and solve the location puzzle to find out where we'll be puzzling on Tuesday!


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Day 15 of prompts completed! The prompt is 'BUG' and this word search has plenty of them... thegriddle.net/950/

Playing catchup on -- here's days 12-14: Branch, Nostalgia, Irrational


Last week was a disaster so I'm late AF on prompts, but here are days 9-11: A Liar Area 51 ('Trick'), a Double or Nothing ('Blank'), and my first ever Country Road ('D.O.T.s' which clearly meant departments of transportation)

New Area 51 puzzle for Pi Day by Cathy Saxton over at idleloop.com/puzzles/misc/PiDa
After you solve it, do yourself a favor and check out all of Cathy's puzzles at idleloop.com/puzzles/

I'm catching up on with Days 7 and 8 to share: Encoded Slitherlink and Hashtags. thegriddle.net/947/

Errata... the mini puzzle needed an extra clue. PDF updated.

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Here's Day 5 of caught up... a baby puzzle with an explanation and a previous construction alongside it. Also day 6 in PDF form: thegriddle.net/946/

I haven't forgotten about yesterday's 'Present' prompt for , but I made my first ever Nurikabe for 'Island' and it turned out well-themed and tough! l.puz.fun/0946n

A bit late, but I have a Numcross to share for yesterday's prompt 'Lock'. Can you solve it and find my briefcase lock combination for me? thegriddle.net/945/

Today's prompt is Shadow, so I made a pair of puzzles where the shadow of the first puzzle's solution forms the base of the second puzzle. thegriddle.net/944

For day 2, I've used the 'rhyme' prompt for both the puzzle type (Helter Skelter crossword) and as an excuse to provide a clue to a rhyme for every entry in the puzzle. Grab it at thegriddle.net/943/

I'm doing the thing, here's Day 1: 'Initial' thegriddle.net/942
Use the clues to fill in things with the same initials as me, DM.

Good morning puzzlers! I have a pair of small Marching Bands puzzles to share today. They're available now in PDF and JPZ format -- please excuse the button formatting if you're on a phone, I'll fix that soon. thegriddle.net/941

Huzzah! The Griddle turns 16 years old today. I'm revisiting new-to-me puzzle type Yajisan-Kazusan today with a set of six for your shading enjoyment. thegriddle.net/940/

What if I told you a bunch of my puzzles are set to drop in book form in March? And what if I told you Barnes & Noble has 25% off pre-orders right now? barnesandnoble.com/w/mensa-sup

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This is how the pardon power should be used—for curing injustices, not for self-dealing. twitter.com/ap/status/14767045

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For the last puzzle of the year, here's a set of three hex grid Area 51 . Enjoy and happy new year! thegriddle.net/939/

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