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Just put windshield wiper fluid in my car all by myself. Does this mean I'm a masc top now?

What app do Android users use when writing public apologies to screenshot and post on Twitter?

Second piece in the books! Or on the wall, as the case may be. Not sure I like the pom-pom style tassel as much and might redo it. But not terrible for a quick project over the course of a few days!


Loving this hanging clay piece I made even more with the tassel added. Iโ€™ve got a few more tacos like this to make either a three-tiered piece or a two-tier and a single. If I have time Iโ€™m gonna try making some more clay pieces with extra holes in the bโ€ฆ

Clay leaf imprint dish thing bowl situation โ„ข๏ธ as seen on every DIY and lifestyle YouTube Channel.

Hey you need to fix your shitty messaging system. It should be borderline trivial to prevent someone with a brand new account from sending messages with URLs or adding people to group chats. Get it the fuck together.

Got more fabric samples from in yesterday's mail. Hard to believe this canvas fabric is made of recycled bottles. :)

Q: Why do SREs hate 500 errors?
A: Because there's 500 of them.

Water is back on! Just in time to wash my hands from all my clay projects...

Let me get this straight: Asuka got pushed off a card that featured two chamber matches whose outcomes didnโ€™t matter because their winners were ambushed and defeated two minutes after they ended? And is still wondering why people donโ€™t want to pay to watch this shit?

Needed to treat the psoriasis on my scalp but didnโ€™t have enough hot water to finish shaving my head, so I guess Iโ€™m cosplaying Carl from ATHF now.

Change dot org petition to officially name this packing material โ€œorigami pubesโ€.

Semi-obvious lukewarm take: the best way to honor is to use her good work as inspiration to do your own good work.




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