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Just put windshield wiper fluid in my car all by myself. Does this mean I'm a masc top now?

Obtained a Start sewing machine and made a batch of napkins using my floral taco design! Loved using one in place of paper towels when dining out today.

(The design is available on Spoonflower for your fabric needs โ€” โ€ฆ

C'mon and -- y'all are always trying to cross-promote between your apps and won't stop hounding me about it but you still haven't made it possible to link existing accounts after all these years? Unacceptable.

Can't stop listening to this remix of Lion's Mouth by -- makes sound like he's giving a sermon.

There are bangers afoot



We see yโ€™all on showing love and itโ€™s got our lil hearts bussin.

Keep listening and sharing:


Frankie and I both had bad allergies and ended up napping most of yesterday. I wish allergy season was a paid holiday...

Hey I tried to redeem the free photo prints offer, but on the final checkout page it said that the code is no longer valid and to remove it from my cart. Is something wrong with the cart system?

Twitter has acquired the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates. Twitter plans to bring the core elements of their marriage into Twitter's core offerings, and has decided to shut down the marriage at this time.

Twitter has acquired me and has decided to shut me down. You have until May 31, 2021 to retrieve your data before service is suspended indefinitely.

Song titles but replace a word with "All you can eat shrimp for only $9.99"

I'll go first:
Jewel - All You Can Eat Shrimp For Only $9.99 Were Meant For Me

Officially attending National Puzzler League's WashingCon. Nothing quite like a group interested in arcane, undecipherable numbers and letters descending on the nation's capitol on July 4th weekend. Excited to request my FBI file afterward almost as much as the con itself.

Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg but the hook is changed to โ€œSausage Egg McMuffinโ€.

Movie titles but you replace one of the words with "All You Can Eat Shrimp for only $9.99"

I'll go first:
All You Can Eat Shrimp for only $9.99 vs Predator

Anyone else put vanilla icing on their pizza? ๐Ÿ˜

(j/k, it's toum (garlic sauce))

HR trying to do spirit week stuff while everyone is WFH. "What did you dress like during the 80s?" Uhhh, my 80's wardrobe was 2/3 baby clothing, 1/3 amniotic fluid.


vax, sax, 'n' snax, nobody rides fo' free

Hey how many calories are in a can of your Apple Pie Ginger canned cocktail?

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