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Just put windshield wiper fluid in my car all by myself. Does this mean I'm a masc top now?

I was thinking that the notebook archival process I'm doing might be interesting to folks, but too lengthy for social media. So if that sounds interesting, go read it here:

Happy late girl summer to all those who celebrate help! I bought a frame from your store several months ago and now I'm being sent endless marketing emails about framing projects. How do I escape the frames???

The inherent greed of mankind ---> Millions of photos of cardboard boxes in front of doors

We're just over 1 week out from the next event! If you're in the Fort Worth/Arlington side of the metro, catch me and at [redacted] in P@nteg(), Texa$ next Tuesday, 10/11/22. Everyone else check out to see …

The shovel went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soil to steal

Me when I order a case of gnocchi from the internet: "Mmmmm gnocchi"
Me after the 15 packs of gnocchi arrive from the internet: "Man I really want some ravioli instead"

I’m saddened to announce:

Depression and an over abundance of gnocchi

No kids but still defeated suburban dad energy 👈😎👈 Viva Insights: "Hey, we inexplicably took the meeting off your meeting series when you edited it. Would you like to add a Teams meeting to it?"

Had a pleasantly productive day today. Was still tired but managed to get through it without a nap.

Free range egg omelet with bacon jam, garlic fried onions, and jalapeño honey arugula.

Sautéed squash with onions, purple peppers, smoked paprika, and bacon jam, garlicky wilted arugula, and jalapeño honey fresh arugula. A mix of items from and the local nearby.

Today’s breakfast: sunny side up eggs from with bacon jam from Edwards Produce of Murchison, TX and toasted jalapeño cheese bread from Double Barrel Dessert Co., all from the farmers market this morning.

This might be a bit conspiracy theoryish but bear with me… I think Bryan Adams’s Summer of 69 was actually about the year 1969, not the year 69.

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