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Just put windshield wiper fluid in my car all by myself. Does this mean I'm a masc top now?

Ugh. Just found Laura Prepon is a $cientologist. is tainted and sheโ€™s a hypocrite for portraying a lesbian character while being part of a shitty cult that believes LGBT people are bad.

Probably the worst part of my day job is the compliance courses we have to take. It's the perfect storm:

- some greedy douche did shady shit years ago so congress made some laws about it
- every employee at our company has to take the compliance course about it; even tech folk that don't deal with that stuff
- the quiz was written to focus on tedious details instead of a broader understanding of why the legislation exists

It's only a few days once a year, but damn do those days suck.

Man, has such shitty booking these days and wastes so much talent. Glad I cancelled my network subscription and only skim the show results in text form now instead of emotionally investing in their talent that work hard for shit storylines.

My favorite part of the mystery hunt is my dumb ass staying home and perusing the puzzles weeks later when theyโ€™re all unlocked on the website.

Just won a couple coffee tumblers full of candy and scratch off tickets at my apartment complex's bingo!

Stir-fried brussels, squash, and green pepper from . Sauce is tahini, sriracha, fermented garlic honey, ginger powder, liquid aminos, lime juice, onion salt, and rice wine vinegar. Topped with fresh cilantro and crushed chili peanuts.


I've been up since Wednesday morning. I hate everyone and everything and feel like shit.

Predictions for the big game:
- 4 million gallons of queso
- 15 million bags of tortilla chips
- 6 million meatballs
- 8.5 million cocktail wienies
- 1.5 billion gallons of cat piss (Bud Light)

Received a lovely surprise gift from Johan de Ruiter today in the form of two copies of his book Hamilton Mazes! Mazes have always been one of my favorite puzzle types as they allow more of an artistic outlet for me than other varieties. Thanks so much, โ€ฆ

New mantra: "Do what you do and you can't lose." โ€“ โ€“ Shadap You Face Pt 2

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