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Just put windshield wiper fluid in my car all by myself. Does this mean I'm a masc top now?

Insomnia post: giraffe drag queen named Stevie Necks

Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

Ugh, one of our teammates jumped to a different team in the org, yuck. ๐Ÿ˜ข

Every time my work password is rejected, I just assume I've been fired.

@z428 @hinterwaeldler
That's not really true. #WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger app. It ran on an #XMPP server for most of its existence. XMPP has a standards body and a protocol for proposing standard extensions. So WhatsApp should have proposed extensions for all the features they found were missing from the protocol. They should have enabled federation while other providers catched up on implementing the new protocol extensions.
Instead, they decided to build a #silo.

Catholic church potlucks: Where 'made with love' means 'usually I use cream of mushroom soup but today I thought I'd try cream of celery to give it that extra special something'.

Yowie wowie! I barely made it through the first three when I tried them a couple years back. Hereโ€™s hoping I survive all fourโ€ฆ

anyone in the #seattle area looking for work? i have a connection looking to hire someone with basic coding/scripting knowledge (no CS degree required). positions are semi-entry level SDET (test engineer) and dev ops, and i think the company mostly uses a windows Azure stack. DM me for additional details!

fun fact: you can put whatever you want into TXT records. there's nobody stopping you.

I stopped in at Velvet Taco to snag their weekly taco and was kinda disappointed. Iโ€™m big into basil and pesto sounds great, but the execution was way salty and I couldnโ€™t taste the basil. Glad I have plenty at home in my gardenโ€ฆ

I hit up this Shell station taqueria off of Hemphill St. after dropping off recycling yesterday. The best judge of a taqueria is itโ€™s pastor, and this was no exception. Despite being low on spice and seasoning, the pork was well-accented by...

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