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*slaps roof of a face* this bad boy can fit so many eyebrows in it

I've just lost my best and longest Shattered Pixel Dungeon game yet. I love this game!
It's an open-source rouge-like full of possibilities and surprises. Maybe one day you'll hear my music in it as well :)

We were eating at this Ramen place, right? And on the TV was what appeared to be a TV show about a man who travels Japan alone, goes to restaurants and eats.

There was sound, speaking, but it was in Japanese, so I have no idea if there was more to the plot.

But 20+ minutes of this dude just having a meal alone.

I'm confused.

I'm looking up YouTube tutorials on how to grill because my dad was too busy overdosing on Ambien to teach me.

Dr. Pepper is a doctor without borders because heโ€™s at coke restaurants and pepsi restaurants

Suddenly obsessed with the Subaru XT and its super-cyber-vaporwave cockpit.

REDDER THAN A WARNING LIGHT! Luluโ€™s Tacos were pretty decent, and the achiote used to brighten up that ground pork pastor was INTENSE. Salt and green salsa were a must to help punch up the flavor here.

I nearly let this Qdoba visit slide without posting it. While theyโ€™re known for letting you pick your own toppings, they do have a few preconceived menu options to choose from. The Drunken Yardbird was a theoretical winner but just lacked some of...

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