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First time at Salsa Limon โ€œMaggieโ€ so I decided to grab breakfast before the taco tour kicks off in earnest. Light, fluffy eggs and well-seasoned chorizo made it a winner in my book.

My day job has a tradition of taking out co-workers that are leaving us. This was a double โ€œlast-time lunchโ€ because not only is our data analyst Adria leaving, but the office is moving as well, so this is the last time weโ€™re likely to visit...

"You can lead a horse to water but you can't stop it from fucking drowning itself." โ€“ ancient millennial proverb

Automated Tab Closing in iOS 13 is @siracusa@twitter.comโ€™s (and my) nightmare

Anyone have career advice on getting my boss to buy me ice cream because I'm depressed?

every developer in the face of the earth should go to brazil and learn how to develop shit-internet-accepting software

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Taco selfies, rubber stamps, and a friendly manager and bartender really complemented the tacos at Bartaco tonight. For my second visit, I tried the current secret taco, which was a pretty decent scallop taco with a corn relish that added great...

First time pedicure. Let's get weird. (@ Luxury Nail Spa in North Richland Hills, TX)

The cool thing about this place is a LOT of open source devs are present.

One even aimed me at an opportunity I wouldn't have known about w/o being here.

64 cores, 128Gb RAM and 1.5Tb of SSD and absurd, unmetered internet pipe later and I owe them a mild debt.

๐Ÿ‘ for federverse

body shaming myself and LGBT stuff 

I don't have the right body type to go to pride events, but luckily I have the right body type to die alone.

Taco number 400 (and 401) eaten! I stopped in for my first visit at Bartaco to give their menu a spin. Both tacos I tried were waitress-recommended and they were kinda polar opposites. The duck was full of sweet, vibrant flavor whereas the fish...

If you work for a number spoofing scam call center, get ready to reconsider your life choices. I'm feeling screamy. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I took an obscenely long afternoon nap, woke up at 7, took a shower, and then turned on the news. And now I wish I'd have just stayed in bed.

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