Couldnโ€™t find anyone to go out with, so I made stir-fried broccoli with a quick soy sriracha and garlic sauce and a couple fried eggs on top.

I love tacos, but I will happily fuck with butter chicken and garlic naan any day of the week.

@somarasu yes! In fact, I saw a meme the other day about how weird lobsters are, and they have left or right claws. (It must be true because it's a meme with no sources cited!)

Oh and if you could prevent new accounts from sending messages with URLs in them until they've backed at least one project or something that would be stellar as well.

Dear please for the love of Christ add a button to the app to report message spam. If I see one more marketing message I'm gonna flip.

Home safe and ready to sleep in my own bed. A lot. Like โ€œgood thing I took Monday off because Iโ€™m sleeping in til noonโ€ lot of sleep.

US-287 runs through both Boulder, CO and Fort Worth, TX. Itโ€™s kinda funny to tell locals here that my favorite taco place is just off of 287 โ€œa little way south of hereโ€.

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