I haven't listened yet, but a puzzler I met at this year's National Puzzlers' League convention ran her virtual-escape-room-campaign The Eldritch Garden for the podcast Escape This Podcast: escapethispodcast.com/e/season

FWIW it's only the second of two roleplaying experiences I've ever had, but I really enjoyed it at the convention when I played through with a group.

Lame: forgot to cancel my trial sub to HelloFresh and got a set of uncustomized meals sent to me.
Kinda neat: I now know how to make risotto.

Imagine you buy delicious cinnamon-glazed almonds. You get hooked. You buy them again and again until... WHAMMO! The store discontinues them and switches their entire business model to annoying you with CBD bullshit. Think it can't happen to you? Well look at @brandless@twitter.com

its time 2 get mad at capitalism (addiction mentions) 1/ 

BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelersโ€™ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy. eff.org/press/releases/federal

@jenn I read ur newsletter and blog and want to say:
1. Don't forget Mastodon exists outside the Twitter timeout zone of death.
2. I am very intensely enjoying my autumnal vegetables: puz.fun/@dave/1030871920663165

When life gives you lemons, do a hot lemon water cleanse and shit your guts out while being hungry and angry for a week.

Hey when did @thekitchn@twitter.com get bought by @ClickHole@twitter.com ?

Cardamom, orange, and turmeric rice krispie treats with ginger citrus icing for tomorrow's Diwali luncheon at work. Not super confident in my icing mandala skills and hoping it dries without looking terrible.


My finished painting! @paintingwithatwist@twitter.com was fun! S/o to @cityorhippie@twitter.com and her friend that I met tonight! instagram.com/p/B4l3OdXpWg1/

I know my cats have predatory instincts, but it still bums me out when they catch a bird. Bonus bummer when they bring it inside, drop it because they don't know what the fuck they're supposed to do after they catch it, and then you find out it's injured but still alive and now you get to clean up feathers and blood while they re-catch the bird and run back outside.

Last night at @ninesbar@twitter.com for @fridamonet@twitter.com was best described as K I N E T I C ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿฆฒ instagram.com/p/B4kpc3TJhrl/

Hey @ChromiumDev@twitter.com @googlechrome@twitter.com @Google@twitter.com will today be the day you stop ignoring web devs like you have for FOUR PLUS YEARS? Let us disable autofill/autocomplete and STOP BREAKING OUR APPS: bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/i

cc @MicrosoftEdge@twitter.com @MSEdgeDev@twitter.com @opera@twitter.com

Hey @sonicdrivein@twitter.com why are the customization options in your app so limited? I can't even order blue coconut syrup tots or a cheesy onion cold brew iced coffee. ๐Ÿ˜ก

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