Just won a couple coffee tumblers full of candy and scratch off tickets at my apartment complex's bingo! instagram.com/p/B7ecWajp5sa/

Stir-fried brussels, squash, and green pepper from @imperfectfoods@twitter.com . Sauce is tahini, sriracha, fermented garlic honey, ginger powder, liquid aminos, lime juice, onion salt, and rice wine vinegar. Topped with fresh cilantro and crushed chili peanuts.
.โ€ฆ instagram.com/p/B7Z17uzpXb9/

Received a lovely surprise gift from Johan de Ruiter today in the form of two copies of his book Hamilton Mazes! Mazes have always been one of my favorite puzzle types as they allow more of an artistic outlet for me than other varieties. Thanks so much, โ€ฆ instagram.com/p/B7MxjnJJDrT/

I never expected to give a taco from @tacobell@twitter.com more than three stars, but the reaper ranch double stacked taco really wowed me. The hype is real!

Review of all three double stacked tacos: allthetacos.com/post/190126030

โ€ฆ instagram.com/p/B7CBmyIp_xk/

New year, new book! Working on puzzles for my next book in collaboration with @americanmensa@twitter.com and @skyhorsepub@twitter.com in my handy @logandjotter@twitter.com pocket notebook. Perfect size for a set of numcross puzzles. instagram.com/p/B6zQMnap2gt/

Got festive last night with the realest one, @monnacomedy@twitter.com at Christmas Forever. instagram.com/p/B6q6QYuJmHG/

Quick progress shot of this piece from @blaze@twitter.com.style I caught while passing thru today... Finished pic over on blaze's profile looks clean and zesty. instagram.com/p/B6hgKfUpWiS/

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