Today I'm relocating to #LosAngeles and looking for long-term housing.

I have zero friends in LA. Any fedinauts living around here?

@codewiz Welcome! Don’t worry about the smoke from the fires and the occasional quake… in exchange there’s some great Mexican food pretty much everywhere. 😁


@tsturm @codewiz ok I need to ask, where are your favorite taco places in LA? I’m visiting in November and need a few recommendations to try.

@dave @codewiz Heh… I’m living near San Francisco. We do sometimes visit LA, but I have no intel on local Taco places..

@tsturm @codewiz ahhh ok, I haven’t been to SF yet but as a gay man I face in its direction during my daily prayers. I’ll hit you up for taco recs someday when I make my pilgrimage.

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