Has anyone looked into implementations of #ActivityPub, be it via an extension or otherwise, that _doesn't_ require one to 'live' on a server? The emulation of digital feudalism isn't going to get us far.

@jalcine I wonder if there’s a way to lower the barrier to entry for hosting one’s own compatible server on a device or group of devices. Services like @mastohost make it simple and somewhat affordable to have a private instance but it’s obviously not at that level of ubiquity if folks are still preferring to join other servers rather than make their own.


@jalcine beakerbrowser.com/ also comes to mind but where that has the technical side more figured out to a degree, the usability of it is wayyyyyy beyond what non-techies would be willing to deal with at this time.

@dave @jalcine

@freedomboxfndn comes to mind, which might run such service, hiding complexity for end-users. Check #freedombox website:


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