Have I mentioned that I can also be followed via Mastodon directly through my personal website @chrisaldrich that acts roughly like a freestanding instance?

I'm still working out some bugs, but it's not as horrible as I would have thought.

@chrisaldrich it seems to not be working with the iOS client by Amaroq, as tapping the username gives an error.

@chrisaldrich screenshot attached. It's the one you mentioned in your first toot, which in Safari resolves to BoffoSocko.

@dave To follow @chrisaldrich you'll probably have to do a search in your app and add it. Clicking on the username in the app will try to take you directly to my physical website and the app probably wasn't designed to do that whereas Safari will. I suspect if you were following other Fediverse accounts outside of Mastodon, you'd find the same issue in the app. As an example, try @matt who is using a non-Mastodon platform, but is Federating.

I'll check to see if there's a way around it.


@chrisaldrich @matt interestingly, Matt's profile does indeed load in the app. Hmm...

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