Since we didn't get very many women, enbies, or people of color to submit talks, the folks choosing talks for the Decentralisation & Internet Privacy track at FOSSDEM 19 decided that we'd like to ask of you:

If you submitted a talk, go ask an underrepresented minority friend/acquaintance of yours if they'd like to give the talk with you/in your stead.

CC @fosdem, can we get a little boost 💜?

@egrasmed How about you hire actors to give all the talks? Or maybe use a suitably diverse text-to-speech program instead of the submissions' actual authors?

@dave @egrasmed The idea is not to fake diversity nor to promote machines instead of humans, but to demonstrate that free software projects do comprise minorized people in their ranks, and are ready to decolonize their own space and communities.

@how @egrasmed I wish there were better ways to demonstrate that than discouraging people from taking credit for their own original work based on the color of their skin, or how they present their gender.


@dave @how @egrasmed it’s not about discouraging people from taking credit for their own work, it’s that FOSS is all about collaboration, and this gesture is a bit about showing that FOSS isn’t just a bunch of sweaty white dudes on old IBM boxes getting yelled at by Linus Torvalds.

You don’t need actors or text-to-speech — just think about peers you have in an underrepresented group that are interested in your topic and see if they wanna tag team.

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